Current Sermon Series

The Epistle to the Romans

There is something unique about Paul's letter to the Romans.  It is the longest of the New Testament letters, 7,111 words compared to 219 in 3 John, the shortest of the New Testament letters, there are more scholarly treatments of Romans than any other book of the New Testament, and it is the most preached book of the Bible, but none of that is what makes Romans so special, it is the content of the letter.
There is so much packed into this letter; the depravity of man, the justice of God, salvation by faith, imputed righteousness, the Second Adam, election, adoption, the future of Israel, not to mention how to live out the Christian faith, and there is so much more.  The is more doctrine covered in Romans than in any other New Testament letter
Because of this many think of as Romans as advanced Christianity, but it's not.  At it's most basic, Romans is a missionary support letter and it is detailing what Paul teaches to those who know nothing of Christianity.  Romans is not advanced Christianity, it's the basics.
Join us on Sunday mornings as we walk verse by verse through Paul's letter to the Romens, so that we might be transformed by God's truth.