Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study
“Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

There are few things more profitable for Christian men than the company of other Christian men.  When men gather to disciple one another through fellowship, accountability and teaching, they grow, their families benefit and the church is energized.  We meet every Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at our the church building (14910 Washington St. Haymarket, VA) to spur one another on in the faith.

Our time together will include fellowship, prayer and of course teaching.  This Fall and winter we will take a tour through the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi focusing on the maor theme and big ideas in each book and section of the Old Testament. Although the Old Testament make up almost 78% of the Bible (by word count) much of it remains unfamiliar to many Christians. The aim of this study is to introduce beleivers to this under appreciated portion of God's revelation so that they are better able to love and serve God as they see more of what He has revealed about Himself.  (And as an added bonus gain a better understanding of the teaching of Jesus and the writing of the New Testament authors as well.)

Additionally we will be spurring one another on to greater knowledge of the content of the Bible, where to locate key principles in scripture and the theme and outline of every book of the Bible.

All ages of men are welcome, so please join us as we sharpen one another.  If you have any questions feel free to contact pastor John.